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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

From Concept to Completion

Rovtech Solutions offer a complete Computer Aided Design workflow - developing your ideas into fully realised 3D working environments to help test compatibility and physical constraints. Our engineers are profecient with the latest industry tools, software and programming solutions.

Rovtech Solutions can develop and produce Animated Showreels for new products, show fly-throughs of hard to reach environments, and much, much more.

Rovtech Solutions utilises the latest versions of Industry Standard Software including Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Animate, Illustrator, Luxion Keyshot, Microsoft Office and a whole lot more. Our staff keep up-to date with innovation in the software industry allowing them to adapt quickly to major releases.

Client Based Work

RSL offer the ability to generate manufacturing drawings for your products. Using the most up to date software from Autodesk and a bank of powerful computers, we can help realise your design. Our CAD Designers, using Autodesk Inventor, are fully qualified and have experience in producing drawings up to Sellafield Standards.

Whether you need us to redraw a component, or to create from a prototype, there is no problem. RSL work to the highest standards and can create a series of 'hold points' along the way to interact with you, allowing changes to be made, or just to give confidence in the process.

Autodesk Software Package

In House Design

All manufacturing drawings used by RSL are created in-house. 3D Models are created and tested within a virtual environment. The models are then used to make sure that all components are free of any snags and that all constraints work within the tolerances stated. Drawings are then produced for each component, creating a full set for each assembly. A series of General Arrangement drawings are also created, so any Lifetime Quality Pack (provided to clients, if required) can be completed.

The use of 3D Design allows the company to stay competitive with prices as all the products are designed, checked and reviewed before any purchase order for materials has left the building.

Microsoft Office

Product Animation

RSL is extending its In-House service to those Clients who require 3D Product Animation. Using 3DS Max, the latest and most up to date animation program from Autodesk, we can create a 3D model of your component(s) and place it into a fully immersive animation. This allows your clients to see a virtually working product without the need to spend on prototyping, materials, man hours, etc.

Dockside Waves in the Water Animation

Environment Simulation

When dealing with environment (especially in the Nuclear Field) it could be crucial that you, or your client, needs to see whether an operation can be performed either by an ROV or by an operative with remote tooling. With the aid of CAD, RSL can take a map of your environment and show the constraints that are needed to be worked in. Tools can then be applied/designed to show possible solutions.

Microsoft Office

Distribution Possibilities

The resulting animations can be distributed in many ways, whether it is via YouTube, hosted on your own site, sent directly to a client on DVD or even a fully branded USB Pen.


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